Beth SwayneEliza(Beth) Langley Swayne is a bonafide geek who sings 80’s tunes in her head, thinks brunch is a genius idea (It’s two meals in one!), and happens to work in advertising. She loves her family and friends with a Mama Bear mentality–don’t hurt my loves ones or you’ll have to deal with me! She resides in the beautiful city of Chattanooga, TN Nashville, TN, with the best. husband. ever. and their pups, who are of cropped-img_4947-e1494207849830.jpgcourse, named after 80’s rock stars.

But before she moved to the “big” city, Beth was a Soddy-Daisy girl who grew up picking blackberries in the morning for a cobbler in the evening, swimming in her pool with an 80-pound catfish (didn’t you do that growing up too?) and trying to be one of the boys. Today, she appreciates her roots and sometimes misses laying under the grapevines eating grapes until her belly hurt, dodging bees and staying outside until her mom told her it was time to come in for the evening.


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