Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Puerto Jimenez is charming town on the Osa Peninsula with stunning views of the Golfo Dulce. The area is filled with wildlife and wonderful fishing. Steve and I were lucky enough to stay with our brother-in-law and his friend. They were wonderful hosts and know all the best local spots.

beach on golfo docle

We spent our first day in Puerto Jimenez going to the beach and relaxing, jumping waves and laughing. It was a great start to our visit.

While at the beach, I was taken with the lines the surf was creating in the sand. The water was washing ashore and creating tentacles or tree limbs in the sand. The shape reminded me of learning to draw a tree in elementary-school art class. I found it fascinating and curious.

For lunch that day, we were lucky enough to have Chef Giovanni at Casa Bella de Osa make us a typical meal. It was delicious–a meal of smoked pork chops and grilled vegetables. Plus, the chef’s wife shared her ginger drink and recipe with me. (It’s fantastic and good for you!)

The next day we went snorkeling along the reef and saw colorful fish. Our BIL even saw an eel and stingray. I was good missing out on those. (Yep, I’m a chicken when it comes to sea creatures.) On the ride home though, we ran into these rascally neighbors. One of them was drinking from a coconut; another was carrying her baby on her back. It’s encounters like this that have enchanted me with Costa Rica.


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