TourPass: One Price. All the Runs.

As we started investigating places to go and how our schedule might line up, we realized that the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series offered us a lot of opportunities to meet our goal. The schedule worked as they offer about one a month, and the locations are places Southwest Airlines flies out of Nashville, which is a plus. In addition, they offer the Tourpass, which allows you to run any of their races all over the world for one price. Well, depending on how many you want to do, it could pay off. Plus, you can do a 5K  the day before in a lot of cities and earn extra medals without it costing you anymore. We were sold. We could buy the TourPass and have our entry fees taken care of from February to December. Plus, we could earn extra medals through their Heavy Medal program.

Going forward, the races are part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon series.

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