When 12 Half Marathons Become 16: You’re a Hall of Famer

Have you ever started a goal and then thought of an even better goal? Or, maybe you thought it might be better? Or maybe you just needed fresh motivation as you got into your goal? I think this may have happened to us.

We are five months in on our mission to run 12 half marathons in 12 months, and we’re five runs in. Right on target. But, we’re considering changing up the plan now. We will still complete 12 half marathons in 12 months, but we may end up doing a total of 16.

Here’s how 12 became 16. While we were doing packet pickup in Nashville, we were walking the expo and passed the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon’s Wall of Fame. Photos of individuals who in 2016 completed 15 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series full or half marathons. 15, not 12. We started counting how many Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon events we planned to do. New Orleans, DC, Dallas, Nashville, Chicago, Vegas….it totaled up to 12. Three more. To be a hall of famer, we need only three more half marathons in our schedule. Then next year, our photo could be on that wall of fame. How crazy would that be? Couch potatoes who became hall of famers! By gosh, we have a goal!

And the fact was, we already planned to do two that we changed our minds on due to schedules, Seattle and Virginia Beach. So, if we added those back in, we’d be at 14. That meant we only needed to find one more. So we scoured the Rock ‘n’ Roll series tour stops and landed on October 29, 2017…two weeks after St. Louis so time to recover and one week before Savannah. It’d be tight on the back end, but we could take it easy in Savannah. It’d be flat, right? If we did DC and Dallas within a week of each other, we could do this, right? We booked it. Look out Los Angeles here we come!

We’re on our way to the hall of fame. I mean, who couldn’t use a pair of golden headphones?

12 Months’ count:  5

Hall of Fame count:  4 (Austin didn’t count, but it was a fun race and a PR!)

Learn more about the Hall of Fame. If we can do it, you can do it! 

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