When Tacos Make You Angry

At times, I’m flabbergasted as how we can treat each other so rudely. I’m guilty; I’m not throwing stones at anyone here except the 20-something man who reached new levels of rudeness, because he didn’t get his tacos. After attending the opening game of the Nashville Soccer Club, we went for a bite with our […]

When 12 Half Marathons Become 16: You’re a Hall of Famer

Have you ever started a goal and then thought of an even better goal? Or, maybe you thought it might be better? Or maybe you just needed fresh motivation as you got into your goal? I think this may have happened to us. We are five months in on our mission to run 12 half marathons […]

April: Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

Steve and I were excited to run the Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon. We’d get to run areas where we’ve been training and neighborhoods we never would otherwise, like 12 South and the Belmont area. However, there was something comfortable to know that you’re running at “home.” Because we had a break between Dallas […]