A Half Marathon a Month

For the past few years, at the New Year, my husband put on his goal list* to run a half marathon a month that year. The year would end, and he’d put it on the next year’s list. At some point, I think we began to consider this a bucket list item.

In the past, I had always wished him well and said, “I think that’s great, honey.” I’ve never been a big runner, and the only half marathon I did 10+ years ago had me being the last to finish and instead of hearing cheers hearing, “Good, I can go home now” by the race organizer. With a hurting IT band and knee pain, I put my running shoes in the back of the closet.

Last year, our good friend, Allison, asked my husband to do a half with her. (They had been training buddies in the past.) He agreed as his running shoes had been keeping mine company in the closet for a few years. We had become couch potatoes and needed something to motivate one of us. When Steve started training, he asked me to join him. I reluctantly agreed but knew I’d start hurting and drop out.  But, a call from the doctor indicating I might be pre-diabetic kicked my butt in gear.

When I started running some of the pain came back, but I iced and stayed determined. Earlier in the year, I’d had sinus surgery, and I suddenly realized that I could actually “breathe in through your nose and out your mouth” for the first time in my life. My lungs could actually fill up and I found endurance like I never imagined.

Fast forward, and here I am. Committed. Running (if you call slo.mo.running running). But the biggest surprise of all? I actually like it.

So, over the next few months, I will take you on this journey with us if you’re interested, running at least 12 marathons in 12 months. It will having us traveling coast-to-coast in the United States to run and view this beautiful nation. And possibly losing a toenail or two along the way and being dependent on massage and chiropractic for relief. (Shout out to my foam roller. God love ya! You were a fantastic purchase even if you hurt like the dickens.)

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 7.54.50 PM

Ready or not…here I go!

*Reader’s note: In our household, we don’t have resolutions; we have goals. This gives us a feeling of superiority over those who fail at their resolutions mid-way through February. Though we typically just fail at our goals by the end of February–if we last that long.

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