July 2017: Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

We woke up to great weather for July and headed to the start line. The course started at Grant Park on Columbus. Then it headed north into Streeterville and back into The Loop. It was flat and easy to navigate. Plus, the course finishes running along Lakeshore Drive. Makes you feel like a real Chicagoan. img_0120

My only disappointment is that according to my Nike+ app, the course was a half mile long! I was on pace to hit a PR, and based on my app, I hit my PR by two minutes but after running an extra half mile, I missed it. I gotta admit; it was frustrating. So, tell me fellow runners, does it count as a PR if the course was long according to my tracker? Or, do I go by the course?

After the race, we relaxed and stretched then grabbed a late lunch at a spot nearby.

Then it was time to catch the El to Midway and fly home to Nashville. A quick, Windy City trip with four medals earned!





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