Day 2: A trip back in time


Day 2 started off with a nice breakfast at Milk & Honey. (I totally recommend the Lavendar Honey Latte.) Then I rode my bike to the public library downtown. I think it had been at least a decade since I’ve been in there. Wow, it’s changed but in some ways it hasn’t. What’s changed? One, I was one of the youngest folks in there utilizing this gift of the city and at 41 that’s saying something. Two, they rent DVDs for $2. Who knew? And some of the DVDs depending on how old are actually free rentals. It made me stop and think about my on-demand lifestyle. Three, they have a handy-dandy website where you can check the status of your book to see if it’s in or put a book on hold. What hasn’t changed? The decor. Still looks the same and dated from the 70s. Though the shelves seems a bit more sparse. It made me sad to see this great public gift to the community being under utilized and definitely under funded.

My trip reminded me of summers as a child when I treasured a weekly trip to the library with my mom or the neighbor. I checked out the maximum number of books each week and devoured them. Knowing I only had a week with them made me read fast. Then when I was done reading, I would go to the basement and make my stuffed animals check out the library books and read them. I wanted so much to win the biggest summer reader award, but I never did. :  (

BTW, my books weren’t in. But, they did request one from Eastgate which arrived later in the day. They emailed me to say it was in. And they put my second book on hold. Nice customer service and a good experience.

Now it’s time for you to go and check it out.

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