March: Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

One week after enduring the cold, we traveled to Dallas to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon.

We started the day going to packet pickup where we did the Brooks run analysis. It’s pretty cool as it assessses your gait and recommends a shoe type based on your running gait. Plus, it sells shoes, as we got new shoes.

Then we went to find a brunch spot and landed at Savor, next to Klyde Warren Park.  What luck! The food was good and the patio overlooks the park. We had the crispy pork belly steak buns while a DJ was playing music, and there families everywhere. It was 80 degress and sunny, and the city was out enjoying it.

After lunch, we walked to the Deep Elum neighborhood to check out the area. We soon realized that this area was most lively in the evening. There are a few shops but it’s mostly restaurants and bars. Next trip to Dallas!

After a respite at the hotel, we headed to the Bishop Arts district to Joy Macarons where we purchased some beautiful macarons. The beautiful, fresh kind that don’t crumble when you eat them. My after-run treat was secured!

We had dinner our pre-race dinner at Boulevardier where they are supposed to have the best burger in Dallas; I had the burger.* How could I not? It was quite tasty.
Rock 'n' Roll Dallas half marathon start line

The next day was just as beautiful. The race starts at the Omni hotel in downtown and ends nearby at the Reunion Tower. The course rolls a little as you run across two bridges. In fact, the last half mile is across a bridge with no sun protection. Don’t let the finish fool you into thinking it’s downhill. You run downhill and then back up that hill to the finish. Fool me once, course, fool me once.

IMG_0271This was the least crowded course that we’d done so we didn’t have to weave a lot or deal with walkers. The only challenge was the weather whiplash. With DC having been the previous Saturday, running in 70 degrees was hot. We in took a lot of water and I took it easy as I’d been struggling with a sinus infection that week. But again, we finished. No injuries

Four down and eight to go!

*For you other runners, what’s your go-to night-before-a-run meal? Would love to hear it in the comments below. Thanks!

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