October: San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

It’s time to hit 10 and Steve’s original Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon goal. He wanted that gold record when he first saw it, and we started figuring out how to get it for him. Now it’s time to do just that.

Welcome to San Jose mural
Getting to San Jose was a small challenge as Southwest rerouted us but didn’t notify us. Fortunately, we went to an agent for assistance about our delay and they were able to tell us about our flight changes. We made it in Friday evening, but late. That made Saturday have a late start, but we managed to grab breakfast at the Hyatt Place and head to packet pickup.

The expo was small, but the race swag was sweet. I had a hard time picking what to buy and finally splurged on a few things, including a Run California hat. We then spent the afternoon wandering around Willow Glen, where we found a fantastic vintage shop. (If only I could remember its name!)

Then we went back downtown to the hotel, had dinner nearby and headed to bed.

The Hyatt Place is close to the start and finish lines, which allowed us a little extra time to prepare and get ready. The weather was warm with a high in the 70’s by the time we were finishing. I had been concerned about the course but was pleasantly surprised that it was mainly flat. Hot but flat. And, we did it–we got the gold!



After the run, we went to the Tesla showroom and had dinner at Roots and Rye. Highly re

commend it–the food was great! After dinner, we took in the Winchester Mystery House and a candlelight tour, only offered in October.

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