Rock 'n' Roll Washington DC Start Line

March: Washington, DC Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

We flew to DC the afternoon before the Washington, DC Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon. After taking the train from Reagan National to the Hyatt Place, I found out that I had directed us to the wrong Hyatt Place and that we were several blocks, two train rides and a 15-minute walk away from our […]

New Orlean Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Start Line

February: New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

New Orleans was our first Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon on this adventure. Having been to New Orleans quite frequently in the past few years for business, it’s a familiar city to me; however, I still looked forward to exploring it on foot versus car. (The agency I work for, Zehnder Communications, has an office […]

January: Austin 3M Half Marathon

The year of marathons started off in January in Austin, Texas. We decided that a good start would be the 3M Half Marathon, which promotes itself as a downhill run into downtown Austin finishing at the state capitol. This would be our second trip to Austin, a city that quickly became one of our favorites. […]

TourPass: One Price. All the Runs.

As we started investigating places to go and how our schedule might line up, we realized that the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series offered us a lot of opportunities to meet our goal. The schedule worked as they offer about one a month, and the locations are places Southwest Airlines flies out of Nashville, which […]

A Half Marathon a Month

For the past few years, at the New Year, my husband put on his goal list* to run a half marathon a month that year. The year would end, and he’d put it on the next year’s list. At some point, I think we began to consider this a bucket list item. In the past, […]

Allergies Almost Put an End to My Blog

Yes, Chattanoogans, it’s been pollen season. The worst for me for as long as I can remember. Yellow cars, porches, bicycles, even driveways. The suffering started three weeks ago with sneezing, red eyes and a runny nose. Week two brought fever, sweats and chills. Week three saw me watching the weather religiously to see if […]

Day 2: A trip back in time

Day 2 started off with a nice breakfast at Milk & Honey. (I totally recommend the Lavendar Honey Latte.) Then I rode my bike to the public library downtown. I think it had been at least a decade since I’ve been in there. Wow, it’s changed but in some ways it hasn’t. What’s changed? One, […]

Possums and Rats, Oh My!

So my first day on this adventure had me talking to the pest control guy after Steve saw a furry creature run across the kitchen yesterday. (Thank the Lord I was at brunch with my friend, Nathalie, and missed the show!) He looks around the attic and only sees “normal mouse scurrying areas.” Excuse me […]

This is a test. This is only a test.

As part of my mid-life journey, I thought I’d start a blog. Not sure why I think anyone will want to read my thoughts, but had a couple friends suggest I put thoughts out there. So here goes…..