October: Los Angeles Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

It was a quick trip to L.A. We landed, checked into the hotel and headed straight to packet pickup. Unfortunately, there was no time for sightseeing, but I did manage to capture photos of the Lakers statues outside the Staples Center.


We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott near the start/finish lines, and this trip I can’t brag on any meals. Unfortunately, nothing noteworthy was had.

The Los Angeles Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon course was surprising. I was expecting the hills based on the elevation map; however, what I wasn’t expecting was how hard it was mentally. It was an out and back without much to look. Mainly buildings and more buildings.




The one treat was running past the Natural History Museum.


I found myself more in my head than normal and bored which makes you think about the pain. I was challenged and mentally exhausted when I finished. Being the third race this month, it was hard to stay energetic and motivated on such a monotonous course.

The course finished at the Staples Center/Convention Center with zombies at the finish to chase you and make you pick up the pace. Fun and frightening! A fun finish–even for someone like me who was ready to be done.

Another one down! And, we got the limited edition Cali Combo medal. I’ve been wanting to bring that bear home! I finally did.

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